Monday, October 26, 2015

Partner Quiz: Alive or Not?

Today you will discuss the list of things with a partner and decide if they are living (which includes once-living) and non-living things.  You must describe your reasons for deciding if something is considered alive.

After you put your name on your paper, please underline it.  You will also write your partner's name on the paper.  If you disagree with your partner and you cannot convince each other, then circle the problem and I will grade you separately for that one.

Remember this quiz is TWO-SIDED and to complete both sides of the sheet. The third part is an assignment in Google Classroom. Please close your screen until you finish the paper portion.

After you turn in your paper quiz to the brown tray, please pick up your homework assignment, Tool of the Scientist.  This will be the study guide for the microscope safety quiz this Wednesday!

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