Friday, August 29, 2014


Please finish our activity from yesterday. Be sure to take the learning styles inventory and reflect on it.

Use Nervous System Basics, found on the sidebar of Mrs.Stoneman's Webpage to complete your assignment.

Is your notebook organized and ready for an open-note Friday Quiz?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Brain and IANs

Due Today: Familiarity with Inter-Active Notebook Expectations (p.2-5)

Classwork/ Activity
Your Brain, Your Notebook, and Your Learning Style(s)

1. Glue the diagrams, titled Nervous System Basics: How Your Brain Works onto page 8 in your notebook.
2. Set up page 9 in your notebook for Cornell Notes, titled How Your Brain Works.
3. In the margin, write these questions:
  • What is the Nervous System?
  • How do neurons communicate?
  • Describe the 4 major regions of the brain.
  • Explain why the frontal lobe is different in teens.

4. Use Nervous System Basics, found on the sidebar of Mrs.Stoneman's Webpage to complete your assignment.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wed. 8/27- Active Listening & IANs

Due Today: Name Fish- colored and cut out with your last name and class period on the back

Classwork/ Activity: Back to Back Partner Drawing and Building our Interactive Notebooks for Science

Learning Objectives

  • to have a clear understanding of how to be an active listener in science class
  • to prepare an interactive science notebook for learning in science

Back to Back Partner Drawing:
Sit with partner facing away from each other so that your backs are touching. 
Decide who will be teh listener first and who will be the artist first. You will switch and take turns doing both activities. The artist will have 30 seconds to make a drawing with geomentric figures (basic shapes).  The listerner may not view it.   NO PEEKING!
The artist will then explain to the listener how to duplicate the drawing on their own paper. The active listener will do their best listening to complete the drawing.
We will then compare and discuss how good communication skills help us to "see" what the other person is trying to say.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday, Aug.26

Due Today: The signed bottom portion of the green "Welcome! Course Expectations" sheet.

We will meet the animals in the classroom and discuss the course expectations in detail.

Activity: Name Fish
(Hint: What do you call a group of fish that swims together?)  We will be writing our names in colorful block letters in the shape of a fish.  It must be colored completely and neatly. Yes, you can chose what style of fish shape you make if you don't want to use the stencils provided; but. it must be as large as a full sheet of paper (8 1/2 "  x 11"). This is classwork.  Remember, if you don't finish it then it becomes homework.

Learning Objectives:
1. to feel safe and comfortable in the classroom 
2. to get familiar with my class mates
3. to have a clear understanding of what is expected in class

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


If you are checking out what's coming up in class, then I like you already!

You have a choice of a 3 ring binder that's 1 inch thick, or a big spiral notebook.
q  a thin (1 inch), 3-ring science binder or a big (8 1/2" X 11") spiral notebook with at least 100 pages of binder paper ,
q  a couple (2) of pens and pencils,
q  a pencil sharpener (preferably with a shavings guard),
glue sticks
q  a highlighter and
q  4 different colored pencils or markers (no permanent markers)
earbuds so that you can listen to videos, tutorials, etc. on your own.
OPTIONAL: tape, scissors, tissues, hand sanitizer, a good attitude!