Monday, August 31, 2015

Brain and IANs

Due Today: Familiarity with Inter-Active Notebook Expectations (p.2-5)

Classwork/ Activity
Your Brain, Your Notebook, and Your Learning Style(s)

1. Glue the diagrams, titled Nervous System Basics: How Your Brain Works onto page 12 in your notebook.
2. Set up page 13 in your notebook for Cornell Notes, titled How Your Brain Works.
3. In the margin, write these questions:
  • What is the Nervous System?
  • How do neurons communicate?
  • Describe the 4 major regions of the brain.
  • Explain why the frontal lobe is different in teens.

4. Use Nervous System Basics, found on the sidebar of Mrs.Stoneman's Webpage to complete your assignment.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Google Classroom and Friday Quiz #1

Welcome to the digital part of our class. If you are reading this, then you are doing well so far!  Please do the following:

1.  Please add my web page to your bookmarks.

2. Subscribe to my homework calendar.

3.Then go to Google Classroom and join the class using the code on the board.

4. Your Friday Quiz #1 has been assigned. Do the assignment and submit it.

Good luck. :)

p.s. The table number usually corresponds to your computer number, unless you sit at Neptune. Please take good care of our computers.  You are responsible for the number at your seat. 

Building IANs & Sharing T-shirt Outlines

Due Today: T-shirt Outlines that are colored and cut out with your last name and class period on the back

Classwork/ Activity: Sharing Outlines, Creating Name Fish and Building our Interactive Notebooks for Science

Learning Objectives
  • to practice respect and being an active listener in science class
  • to prepare an interactive science notebook for learning in science

Setting Goals

If setting goals is a challenge for you, then try using a different word or phrase, such as setting your intentions, wishes, dreams or hopes for the new school year.  Also, consider the following question:
What do I need to DO to feel the way I want to about myself in school?

The part of your answer that describes what you need to DO  is the focus.  Make a plan.

We will be discussing how goals are important for success and how your feelings can affect your choices.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rules & Expectations: Active Listening

Classwork/ Activity: Back to Back Partner Drawing 

Learning Objectives

  • to have a clear understanding of how to be an active listener in science class

Back to Back Partner Drawing:
Sit with partner facing away from each other so that your backs are touching. 
Decide who will be teh listener first and who will be the artist first. You will switch and take turns doing both activities. The artist will have 30 seconds to make a drawing with geometric figures (basic shapes).  The listener may not view it.   NO PEEKING!
The artist will then explain to the listener how to duplicate the drawing on their own paper. The active listener will do their best listening to complete the drawing.
We will then compare and discuss how good communication skills help us to "see" what the other person is trying to say.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Welcome and Expectations

Welcome to class! Today we got to know each other and shared contact information to form study buddies. We discussed the expectations for class and school behavior, routines, and procedures.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Beginning 2015-2016


If you are checking out what's coming up in class, then I like you already!

1. You need a notebook that is for science only. You have a choice of a thin (1 inch), 3-ring science binder or a big (8 1/2" X 11") spiral notebook with at least 100 pages of binder paper.
2. a few pens (2 different colors) and 3. pencils (2)
4. a pencil sharpener (preferably with a shavings guard)
5. highlighters
6. 4 different colored pencils or markers (no permanent markers)
7. glue stick
8. earbuds (so you can listen to videos, tutorials, etc. on your own

OPTIONAL:tape, scissors, hand sanitizer, pencil pouch