Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fast Plants Video

How did your fast plants grow?
Were you amazed at how quickly they reached maturity?  They have a life span of about one month, so put together the life story of your plants during this last week.

I recommend Windows Movie Maker, which should be accessible through your laptop start menu.

Use the photos you took this month to animate the life cycle of your fast plants, Brassica rapa, in a video. 
Narrate or include text on slides, use google slides or powerpoint, so that you can insert them between the photos.
Identify/Label the parts of Fast Plants and use the academic vocabulary: germination, cotyledons, pollination, fertilization, true leaves, roots, stems, stigmas, seed pods, etc. 

Include all the stages of growth and the actual measurements from your data table.

Explain how the cycle could repeat..

Your assignment must be turned in through Google Classroom.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Seeds & Germination


1. Please turn in your cited research notes and basic information fact sheet for your disease project.
2.  Please follow the directions on the board to check on your fast plants.

3. Next,go to Google Classroom for your seed notes and lab for today.  Be curious and look closely! ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Let's use the red filters to decode our secret messages and discuss how they work. You can make your own secret message that can be decoded with a red filter for extra credit.  

Which frequencies of light are absorbed by chlorophyll?  Turn in the Chlorophyll and Light graph analysis.

The notes on Leaves and the Structure of a Leaf are on p.199 and 200.

Label the 5 parts of a leaf on your leaf rubbing.  Turn this in when you're finished.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fast Plants-Day 11

On p.195 in your notebook, diagram the flow of water from the watering tray to the leaves of your  Brassica rapa in the quads. 
Label the true leaves and the cotyledon leaves (seed leaves).

Measure and record the height in your data table, as well as any observable changes.  

Based on our lesson about light and photosynthesis, explain why the seeds needed to be under the lights if they weren't doing photosynthesis yet.

Monday, March 2, 2015

End of the Unit Reflection

Due Today: Completed open-note quiz on Protists
After finishing the quiz, please do the following:
1. Read and highlight the lists of infectious disease and some parasitic infections that may interest you.
2. Write your unit reflection with complete sentences.
3. Update your Table of Contents.
4. Complete the Notebook Self-Evaluation Checklist

The Unit Reflection on p.183 should answer the usual question but applied to this area of study.  Answer them with complete sentences to make a paragraph or two.

  • What activities did you enjoy? Why?
  • What was challeneging? Why?
  • What did you find important or useful?
  • How can you prevent the spread of these diseases?  Be specific about 
  • behaviors that promote or hinder the spread of disease.
  • Why do you thnk it's important for students to learn about these?
  • Add any questions that you still have at the end.