Friday, December 5, 2014

Cell Project Reflection

Due Today: Cell Lab Report and Cell Project Reflection

Examine the rubric and use it to complete your written reflection.  

Reflection- Use complete sentences to answer the questions, please.
1. Did you make a plant cell or animal cell?  Describe how you chose your cell type.
2. Where did you get the research information for writing your step booklet about the organelles?
3. How often did you look at the directions/project checklist while doing your project?
4. Read the Cell Model Grading Rubric to score yourself in the following areas:
appearance= ________  creativity= ________ and craftsmanship = ________
5. Estimate the amount of time and effort you put into the book  and the model.

Please put your written reflection underneath your model on the counter.  We are returning papers, getting our notebooks organized, and self-evaluating our notebooks before they are due on Tuesday.

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