Monday, December 8, 2014

Cell Processes Unit Begins

We are setting up a new title page in our IANotebook on p.105.  Please include:

  • the title, Cell Processes
  • 3 colors, and
  • 2 pictures

In the new table of contents on p.106, please include:

  • the Osmosis and Diffusion Lab on p.107
  • the Egg-speriment With A Cell Project Rules and Hints on p.108
  • the Data Table on p.109
  • the Graphs on p.110 
  • and Conclusion (leave a blank page) on p.111

We used four white, large, chicken eggs to start and then observed them after a week in vinegar.
You'll need to record both qualitative and quatitative observations in your data table for your class period.

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