Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Paper Airplane Test Part 2: Take Flight

Due Today: A Statement of Hypothesis

Class work

 Warm-up: Writing Procedures…a Step-by- Step Set of Directions

How do you make your paper airplanes? 
You will write procedures for how to build your planes with a partner in class.

Record the directions in a document titled Paper Airplane Procedures.
You'll need to read about  Operational Definitions  and include a few of those in your directions so it's clear  what, when, and how to measure for your results.

We will do the experiment on Thursday.  Bring a timer if you have one for  Thursday in the Gym.  We will record our data in our IA Notebooks on p.52.
Graph your data for homework on Thursday. 

On Friday, you will have the whole class period to write your conclusion and share your discoveries about how to make a paper airplane stay aloft longer!

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