Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coastal Dune Scrub Investigations

Due Today: Summary of the Living(biotic) and Nonliving (abiotic) Factors in CDS Ecosystem and the Procedures for your CDS Native Seed Germination Lab

1. Pair and Share
After you completed the Habitat Survey of the Coastal Dune Scrub habitat in which our school is located, you wrote a summary describing it.  Please read it aloud to your table groups.  Affirm each other's work and offer gentle suggestions for improvements.  
Be kind and attentive listeners as we all work on our writing skills. ;) 

Repeat this with your Seed Investigation Procedures.  You should be able to imagine doing the experiment based on the directions given.  If not, then help them to clarify the writing.

2. Reflection
Click on the link to get to Google Classroom for your assignments, please.  This is due Monday, October 27.

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