Monday, March 2, 2015

End of the Unit Reflection

Due Today: Completed open-note quiz on Protists
After finishing the quiz, please do the following:
1. Read and highlight the lists of infectious disease and some parasitic infections that may interest you.
2. Write your unit reflection with complete sentences.
3. Update your Table of Contents.
4. Complete the Notebook Self-Evaluation Checklist

The Unit Reflection on p.183 should answer the usual question but applied to this area of study.  Answer them with complete sentences to make a paragraph or two.

  • What activities did you enjoy? Why?
  • What was challeneging? Why?
  • What did you find important or useful?
  • How can you prevent the spread of these diseases?  Be specific about 
  • behaviors that promote or hinder the spread of disease.
  • Why do you thnk it's important for students to learn about these?
  • Add any questions that you still have at the end.


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