Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Notebooks Due Today

Due Today:Virus and Bacteria Section of your Interactive Notebook

We are starting a new unit of study! 

All the living things on earth are divided into major groups called Kingdoms.  You may be familiar with the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and now  you know about two Kingdoms of Bacteria-- archaebacteria and eubacteria; but today we will start talking about Kingdom Fungi and Kingdom Protista.  We will examine some strange organisms that are so different from the plant and animal kingdoms that they had to form their own groups.

In class today, there was an interactive lecture about how club fungi, i.e. a mushroom, eat and reproduce.  Hopefully, you left class with a clear idea about hyphae and the difference between fruiting bodies and the main body of a fungus.  We also addressed the different struture of molds and their  hyphae. 

Study your textbook. Take notes from p.344-349, using your guide, and come to class prepared for activites.

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