Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mystery Tubes: Making Models to Test Ideas

Due Today: Hypothesis Practice Sheet/Your Prediction

On IA Notebook p.27, set up your notes on Mystery Tubes.

1. Define the problem.  What are we trying to figure out about the Mystery Tubes?
2. Make some observations. Describe what you are doing to test your ideas and list your observations.
3. Make your claim. This is where you write your hypothesis, using the correct format.

4. We are making a poster about the one idea that group can agree to represent what you all think is most likely going on inside the Mystery Tube.  This means you will need to argue politely and use observable evidence as you collaborate together.

5. Build a model using the toilet paper roll kits to test your ideas.

6. How did using the model affect your ideas? Don't forget to describe your new ideas and draw it on the poster.

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